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Description:Access to U.S. legislative information, full text for bills and resolutions from 1789-present, as selected committee prints, hot bills and topics, congressional testimony, committee reports, House and Senate documents, voting records in Congress, and member information including financial disclosures and campaign contributions. The Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, available from the Advanced Search tab, includes abstracting, indexing, bibliographic information, and searchable PDFs for Congressional hearings from 1824-present. Congressional Research Services (CRS) Reports are also available from 1916 to present.
Print Equivalent:Congressional Information Service (CIS) indexing and abstract from 1970- ; CIS Legislative Histories from 1970- ; full text of Congressional Record from 1985- , National Journal from 1977- , Congress Daily from 1991- , Federal Register from 1980- , current Code of Federal Regulationsfrom 1989- , current United States Code, and Public Laws from 1988- .
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Last Updated February 10, 2020.