HealthStar/Ovid HealthStar (1999 - Present)
Coverage Dates:1999 - present
Access:In-library and remote access. Off-Campus Access Information.
Full Text:No
Description:Contains references and some abstracts, many from MEDLINE, to published literature in journal articles, government documents, book chapters, etc. Topics include patient outcomes evaluation, health policy, health insurance, licensure, accreditation, health services, health technology, health administration, and health research. Clinical and non-clinical aspects of health care delivery are covered.

No longer being produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the American Hospital Association. It is now produced by Ovid. Ovid Healthstar retains all existing backfile HealthSTAR citations and is updated with new journal citations culled from MEDLINE using the NLM's HealthSTAR search strategy. When the National Library of Medicine dismantled this database at the end of 2000, it placed all references that would have been placed in HealthSTAR in MEDLINE.

See Ovid Quick Reference Card.
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