HathiTrust Digital Library
Coverage Dates:Vary by Title
Access:In-library and remote access. Free web resource.
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Full Text:Partial
Description:HathiTrust began as a collaboration of universities on the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (now the Big Ten Academic Alliance) and the University of California system to create a digital repository where all participants could house and share digital collections. Content that is in the public domain is freely available. Content that is currently under copyright is searchable, but not available full text. By clicking on the "Find in a Library" link, you can locate the closest library that owns that item. Contains ancestry and genealogy resources in addition to much more.
Print Equivalent:The SLU Libraries may own some of the content. Search the SLU Library Catalog for any print versions of the resources.
Assistance:Contact the Pius Library Circulation Desk at (314) 977-3087 or Jamie Emery at (314) 977-3591.
Terms of Use:University Libraries Appropriate Use Policy for Electronic Resources
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Last Updated August 29, 2018.