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Search indexes for various SLU Publications, including the related publication Queen’s Works. Publications include:

The Billiken - 1919-1920
Fleur de Lis (newspaper) - 1920-1921
Varsity Breeze - 1921-1931
University News - 1931-2016
Fleur de Lis (journal) - 1899-1918, 1921-1950, 1959-1968
Campus Mirror - 1976-1980
Billikennews - 1950-1953
Page One - 1979-1987
Alumni News - 1926-1957
SLU Magazine - 1957-1969, 1971-1979, 1980-2014
Universitas - 1980-2014
Queen’s Work - 1914-1953, 1963-1964

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Sensitive Materials:
The many collections of Pius XII Memorial Library include print and digital materials housed within Special Collections and Archives and Digital Services, which are accessible to the public as historical records of Saint Louis University. Some materials within our collections may contain offensive images, language, or other content. These records document a time and place in history, serving as a portrayal of the social mindsets and occurrences of their time. They do not mirror the current views of Saint Louis University or its Libraries, which encourages a vibrant and diverse learning community. These historical, primary sources are a reminder that the need to educate for cultural sensitivity, and the challenge to deepen and expand equity and inclusion, is an ever-present one.