The Ravenna Mosaic Company produced large-scale architectural murals for over sixty-years. Because the process of working on such a large scale is costly and time-consuming, the mosaicist only wants to have to do the job once. For many of their commissions, the Ravenna Company produced small panels which showed details of the full-scale mural that they would eventually install. These were created so that the mosaicist could plan not only for the translation of the painted cartoon into colored glass, but also so that he could envision the final project. As such, these panels may be considered drafts of the final mosaics. The panels also served promotional purposes and were sent to artists, contractors and potential clients as samples of the company’s work.

This section of the Ravenna Project site contains photographs of more than eighty of these panels produced by the Ravenna Mosaic Company. The name and nationality of the artist who produced the original drawing for the panel, the date the drawing was done and the location of the final installation of the panel is also included. The Saint Louis University Archives is grateful to Mrs. Marilyn Hautly for making these photographs available.

View photographs and information about all of the panels, in groups of four.

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