1915--Gouache sketches of Margaret Anglin, San Francisco CA

1916--Gouache sketches of Pavlova Ballet, San Francisco, CA

1917--Costume designs, Metropolitan Opera Production of The Canterbury Pilgrims, New York, NY

c. 1920 -- Alfred Lunt, Esq. Finnish Decorations in residence, WI

c. 1920 -- S.L. Fuller, Esq. Painting decorations in residence, 43 Park Ave, NYC

1923 -- St. Mark’s, Reredos, panel painting, Mt. Kisco, NY  <stmark-reredos.jpg>

1924 -- St. Martin’s, Reredos, panel painting, Providence, RI

1924 -- Christ Church Cathedral, Memorial Tablet, Lexington, KY

1924 -- National Academy of Sciences, Dome Pendentives, Soffit Arches, Washington, D.C.

1924-9 -- Nebraska State Capitol, Ceilings, domes, vaults, mosaic floors, tapestry, Lincoln, NB

1926 -- St. John’s Beverly Farms, Reredos, MA

1927 -- Chicago University Chapel, Medallion ceramic decorations in ceiling, Chicago, IL

1927 -- St. Paul’s Chapel, Reredos and panel painting, New Haven, CT

1927 -- Women’s City Club, Theater curtain, San Francisco, CA

1928 -- St. Bartholomew’s, Narthex mosaics, New York, NY

1929 -- St. Bartholomew’s, Apse: The Transfiguration mosaics, New York, NY

1928-9 -- St. Paul’s Chapel, Christ’s Church Reredos, panel painting, Cranbrook, MI

1929 -- Convent of the Sacred Heart, Reredos, Overbrook, PA

1930 -- Manhattanville College, Reredos, side chapel, New York, NY

1930 -- Temple Emanu-El, Mosaics, New York, NY

1930 -- Baltimore Trust, Mosaic floor panels, Baltimore, MD

c. 1930 -- Jesuit Novitiate, Wernersville, PA, Mosaic apse, ceiling

1931 -- One Wall Street, Lobby Ceiling (The Red Room), New York, NY

1931 -- St. Aloysius, Mosaics, Detroit, MI

1932 -- Walker-Lespenard Tel. Co. Mosaic lobby ceiling: tile wall map, New York, NY

1932 -- RKO Building, Rockefeller Center, Metal decorations, New York, NY

1933 -- Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, Metal Decorations, New York, NY

1933 -- St. Mark’s on the Hill, Reredos, Pikesville, MD

1933 -- "Century of Progress" World’s Fair, Mural: Progress of Women, Chicago, IL

1933 -- Chicago World’s Fair, American Tel & Tel Exhibit: Terracotta Pool Floor, Chicago, IL

1933 -- St. Catherine of Sienna, Mosaics, Baltimore, MD 1935 St. Michael’s Passionist Monastery, Murals, Church, Union City, NJ

1935 -- St. Thomas Church, Remembrance Shrine, Fifth Ave., New York, NY

1936 -- Westport Room, Union Station murals in restaurant, cocktail lounge, Kansas City, MO

1936-7 -- St. Charles Borromeo Church, Stations of the Cross, Union City, NJ

1937 -- Post Office, Metal Sculpture: The Post, Logan Square, Chicago, IL

c. 1938 -- Illinois Bell Telephone Co., The Spirit of Communication, Washington St., Chicago, IL

1939 -- Mary Immaculate Seminary, Cartoons of apse vault, chapel, Northampton, PA

1939-40 -- New York World’s Fair, 8 large outdoor commissions, New York, NY 1940  St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Altar, Lady Chapel, New York, NY

c. 1940 -- Commissions for the ships America, African Queen, and Brazil: Dining Rooms, Playrooms, Lounges

1941 -- Ship: President Monroe, Portrait of President Monroe in lounge

1941 -- Municipal Center, Exterior Frieze, Terra Cotta, Washington, D.C. <hm-municipal.jpg>

1942 -- Fordham University Church, Reredos, painted on canvas, New York, NY

1943 -- Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Mosaic reredos, Huntington, NY

1943 --  St. James, Reredos, Upper Montclair, NJ 1944  St. John’s, Reredos, Buffalo, NY

c. 1945 -- Holy Trinity Church, Reredos: painted on canvas, Rittenhouse Square, PA

1945-6 -- St. Louis Cathedral, Mosaics: Eastern Arch, St. Louis, MO

1946 -- St. Mary’s High School, Terracotta reliefs on outside of building, Manhassett, NY

1946 -- Convent of the Sacred Heart, Wood inlay, Our Lady, St. Joseph, Greenwich, CT

1947 -- Hotel McAlpin, Marble mosaic and wood intarsia in cocktail lounge, New York, NY

c. 1948 -- Assumption Church, Reredos, panel painting, Westport, CT 

1948 -- St. Bartholomew’s Church, Stained Glass South Clerestory Window (Magnificat), New York, NY

1949 -- St. Bartholomew’s Church, Stained Glass North Clerestory Window (Gloria in Excelsis), New York, NY

1949 -- Library, Fordham University, Fresco(?) Journeys of St. Issac Jogues first Catholic Priest in NYC 1643, New York, NY

1951 -- National Cathedral, Mosaics: Chapel of the Resurrection, Washington, D.C. 

1952 -- Ship: SS United States, Cabin Class Lounge, Map of the Mississippi in gesso and metal-leaf 

1955 -- St. Bartholomew’s Church, Stained Glass South Clerestory Window (Nunc Dimittis), New York, NY <nuncdimmitiswindow.jpg>

1956 -- St. Bartholomew’s Church, Stained Glass North Clerestory Window (Benedicite), New York, NY 

1956 -- Travelers Insurance Company, Lobby mosaic, Hartford, CT

1958-61 -- St. Louis Cathedral, Dome: 12 Apostles, Western Soffit, North Wall, Pendentives, St. Louis, MO

1960 -- Prudential Life Insurance, Marble mosaic design in lobby, Newark, NJ