5th Annual Donation Drive for Local Animal Shelters


  To apply for adoption, visit strayrescue.org

Name: Paloma

Age: 1 year

—Size: 46 lbs

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix


“Paloma is a happy girl, eager to please and to learn.  She does love people and works hard to attract the attention of all the caregivers and volunteers that she encounters.  She enjoys her walks and playtime in the yard.  Paloma wants to show a family how excited she can be about living with them.  Who can turn that offer down?”




Name: Jaxs

—Age: 11 months

—Size: 35 lbs

—Gender: Male

Breed: Shepherd Mix

“At eleven months, Jaxs is a busy boy.  He loves his walks and play time in the yard,  But, as you can see, he also likes to snuggle into fuzzy covers.  He's a smaller guy, so cuddling with his family on a couch or bed seems a perfect activity. Jaxs is one gorgeous dog looking for his perfect, forever home.  Wouldn't you love to help this special guy become the best dog he can be?  Please come meet him.”



Name: Slope

Age: 1 year

Size: 37 lbs

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier Mix


“Slope's sweater hides just how skinny she is.  She had been living in an abandoned house with another dog.  She hadn't been fed and was very malnourished.  So Slope is happy to show off her new wardrobe while she starts adding on the pounds. She needs a home and a family, someone to love and appreciate this beautiful young lady.  If you have  extra love in your heart, Slope is your girl.  She'd be thrilled to meet you.”



Name: Bisquik

—Age: 2 years

Size: 58 lbs

—Gender: Male

—Breed: Chow Chow mix


“Bisquik looks almost too cute to be real.  With his beautiful eyes, crooked smile and perfect stance, you would expect to see him standing on a toy store shelf and not in front of Stray Rescue.  But this guy really needed a rescue.  He came into the shelter with a severe neck injury.  Now that he has experienced the wonders of good care and love, he's ready to bounce into the next part of his life.”




—Name: Slinky

Age: 2 years

Size: 62 lbs

—Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier mix


“Slinky was rescued with his friend Hoola Hoop. He has a beautiful face with just penetrating eyes.  He would really like to give you a big smile, but he's holding back a bit until he's sure everything is OK. Slinky is two years old, which makes him a full-of-fun adolescent boy.  He enjoys his walks and his play time in the yard, but he's got his eye on a place beyond the confines of Stray Rescue.  He wants his own home where he can feel safe, loved and secure.”