Coverage Dates:Varies
Provider:Government Publishing Office
Access:In-library and remote access. Off-Campus Access Information.
Updated:On an ongoing basis
Full Text:Yes
Description: GovInfo is a service of the Government Publishing Office (GPO) to provide free public access to the full text of current and historical official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. GovInfo includes Bills and Statutes, Budget and Presidential materials, Congressional Committee materials, Judicial publications and more. Majority of the material is from the last twenty five years, but a significant amount of digitized historical material is also included. Screen reader support enabled.
Print Equivalent:None
Assistance:Contact the Law Library Reference Desk at (314) 977-1447 Contact the Pius Library Circulation Desk at (314) 977-3087 or Rebecca Hyde at (314) 977-3106.
Terms of Use:University Libraries Appropriate Use Policy for Electronic Resources
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Last Updated October 1, 2018.