Talmud Text Databank
Coverage Dates:Varies
Provider:CDI Systems
Access:In-library and remote access. Off-Campus Access Information.
Full Text:Yes
Description: The Sol and Evelyn Henkind Talmud Text Databank is a fully searchable database of the digitized text versions of all primary witnesses to the Babylonian Talmud, including the first printed editions, full and fragmentary manuscripts (more than half of the known genizah fragments of the Talmud), as well as fragments of Talmudic texts discovered in European book bindings. Access is limited to 5 simultaneous users.
Print Equivalent:None
Assistance:Contact the Pius Library Circulation Desk at (314) 977-3087 or Ron Crown at (314) 977-3083.
Terms of Use:University Libraries Appropriate Use Policy for Electronic Resources
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Last Updated September 28, 2018.