Issue: Spring 2013

Woodstock Letters

Saint Louis University Libraries are proud to make the Woodstock Letters available through a partnership with the Midwest Jesuit Archives and the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus.

Named after Woodstock College, the Jesuit seminary in Maryland where they were published, the Woodstock Letters offer detailed accounts of events, institutions, ideas, and persons of the Society of Jesus from 1872 until 1969.  Written almost entirely by Jesuits, and originally intended to be read only by Jesuits, the Letters form "a record of current events and historical notes connected with the colleges and missions of the Society of Jesus in North and South America."

Ninety-eight volumes comprising almost 50,000 pages and occupying 13 linear feet of shelf space provide an invaluable record of the American Jesuits throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.  Issues feature historical articles, updates on work by the Jesuits, eyewitness accounts of historic events, book reviews, obituaries, enrollment statistics for Jesuit schools, and other items of interest to the Society. The writings of many renowned Jesuit scholars and missionaries appear in the Woodstock Letters, including Pedro Arrupe, Pierre-Jean de Smet, Avery Dulles, Daniel Lord, Walter Hill, John Courtney Murray, Walter Ong, and Gustave Weigel. 

The digitized collection contains and preserves all 98 volumes of the Woodstock Letters, making this valuable resource available to countless users in the academic world.  The collection includes two index volumes: one for the first 16 volumes (1872-1887) and one for volumes 1 to 80 (1872-1951); later volumes each contain their own index.  Each volume is available as a PDF file, and can be examined online or downloaded.

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