Issue: Spring 2014

New east enterance of Pius Library

Featured Digitized Photo

Jazz Poetry Event

A poet reads during a jazz poetry event at Marguerite Hall on February 17, 1959.
For more information on this photo, and many other historic images of SLU, visit the Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections or the Digital Collections site.

An Exclusive Interview with Lil' Pius

Lil' Pius

I sat down with Lil’ Pius in Pius Library on Friday, March 21, 2014. He was smaller and more unassuming than I was expecting him to be, only 4 and ½ inches tall and very quiet, with kind eyes and a soft smile. I know how busy he is, so I didn’t waste any time and jumped right into the interview...

Current Exhibits

The Rule of Law: Righting Wrongs and Writing Rights in Medieval Europe
Curator: Daniel Webb (CMRS/VFL Research Assistant)
Pius XII Memorial Library, Rm 105: Vatican Film Library Reading Room

Missions to the East: The Jesuit Order in China and Japan
Co-curators: Jennifer Lowe and graduate student assistant Ben Halliburton (Dept. of History)
Pius XII Memorial Library, Rm 307: Archives and Rare Books Reading Room
6/21/13– 8/31/14.

Mental Health and Depression
Contributor: Colleen Malone
Level 1

Agents of Change at Atlas Week 2014: An Exhibit

Income Inequality
Curator: Collen Malone; Contributor: John Montre
Level 2 Landing

Library Associates Newsletter

The Saint Louis University Library Associates are dedicated to excellence in literature and to building the collections of the Saint Louis University libraries.

For more information on membership and events, visit their website.


I would like to welcome you to the current edition of the University Libraries Newsletter. As we approach the end and beginning of a new fiscal year, exciting changes and opportunities are upon us, particularly as we welcome a new university president and class of incoming students. Always remember that the University Libraries are your bridge to academic success, enabling students and faculty to access the many information resources that will help them achieve their scholastic and research goals. The Saint Louis University Libraries’ faculty and staff are dedicated individuals who are committed to your success. Never hesitate to call upon us for assistance. - David Cassens, Dean of Libraries

Saint Louis University Joins Digital Scriptorium 20 March 2014

Noteworthy among recent accomplishments for Saint Louis University Libraries' Department of Special Collections is Pius XII Library’s new membership in Digital Scriptorium — the online, national union catalog for medieval and Renaissance manuscripts (

Every Student Matters: Introducing the SLU Libraries Student Retention and Success Committee

Student retention is a complex, intensively researched issue in higher education. There are many factors that impact student retention including institutional factors such as academic support services, student support services and facilities as well as student factors such as GPA, socioeconomic factors and ACT scores.

The Medical Center Library is Social

Nobody really goes to Facebook and Twitter for intense research or hard hitting facts.They are social sites, meant for interacting with like­minded users.

SLU Libraries helping bring Digital Public Library of America to St. Louis

SLU Libraries, along with other institutions in the St. Louis area, are working to form a new regional “service hub” of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

Assessment Update

The Pius/Medical Center Libraries Assessment Committee endeavored to answer these questions in the 2013-14 academic year by investigating faculty and student perceptions regarding the contributions of subject librarians.

Subject Librarian Services

Subject librarians work closely with academic departments to develop the library’s collections, support course instruction, and to aid student and faculty research at Saint Louis University. Our goal is to facilitate access to high ­quality information and to enable students to identify, evaluate, acquire, and apply information appropriately in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Each subject librarian has professional expertise in their respective disciplines; you’ll find a list of subject librarians by department here:

Library Faculty Research Spotlight: Medieval Manuscripts in Spain

In 2013, along with five European art historians, I was awarded a grant from the Spanish government to participate in a research project focusing on illuminated manuscripts produced in southern Europe during the late Middle Ages. Each scholar would pursue research within individual areas of interest, to result in various future activities: workshops, conferences, and publications.

Helpful Hints for International Student's Success and Library Services

“Pius Library is my second home”, said Yude, a Taiwanese international student. Yude, an Education major, has also worked in Pius library as a library student assistant. It is true that the library aims to create a warm, home-away-from-home for international students as well as for all others.

Homage to Student Workers

How do you spell “unsung hero”? Around here we spell it P-­I­-U­-S S­-T­-U­-D­-E­-N­-T W­-O­-R­-K­-E­-R.
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