Issue: Fall 2013

New east enterance of Pius Library

Featured Digitized Photo

From the Special Collections -- Archives

The Fall Festival Queen dancing with her date on November 15, 1957

For more information on this photo, and many other historic images of SLU, visit the Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections or the Digital Collections site.

Upcoming dates

Pius December holiday closures: December 22nd;
December 24th-January 1st

MCL December holiday closures: December 21-22nd;
December 24th-January 1st

More library hours

Brother Mel, S.M.

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, Brother Mel Meyer, S.M. died at the Marianist community residence on the
campus of St. John Vianney High School in Kirkwood. He was 85 years old and had served in the order since
1947. Known universally as Brother Mel, his 45-year art career has seen the creation of thousands of pieces
of artwork ranging from sculpture to paintings. A few of his pieces are on display around the Library including
our newest piece “Innovative Mobile” located in the main stairwell.

Current Exhibits

In Level 1, Pius Library

Writing the Word of God: Bibles and Qur’ans in the Manuscript Tradition, curated by grad student assistant Amy Boland (Dept. of History), supervised by Susan L’Engle (Rm 105, VFL Reading Room, 8/1/13–1/31/14)

Saint Louis University: Always a Global University?, curated by John Waide (Pius Library, 1st flr lobby, 9/23/13–12/31/13)

In Level 2 East, Pius Library

(please don’t) Steal this Poster! An Exhibition of Letterpress Prints by The Firecracker Press for The Billiken Club, curated by Tim Achee (Pius Library, 2nd flr gallery, 9/12/13–12/31/13)

In Level 3, Pius Library

Missions to the East: The Jesuit Order in China and Japan, co-curated by Jennifer Lowe and grad student assistant Ben Halliburton (Dept. of History) (Rm 307, ARB Reading Room, 6/21/13–12/31/13)

Library Associates Newsletter

The Saint Louis University Library Associates are dedicated to excellence in literature and to building the collections of the Saint Louis University libraries.

For more information on membership and events, visit their website.

A Vision for the Future of the Saint Louis University Libraries: Major Issues, Goals and Actions

Many changes are occurring within the modern academic library, largely driven by information technology, spiraling e-journal costs, new approaches to teaching and learning, new models for scholarly communication, and changing expectations in the ways information is discovered, shared, and used.

The 1949 St. Louis Exorcism

Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections, in cooperation with the Office of Mission and Ministry, recently presented a guest lecture and panel discussion on the Saint Louis Exorcism of 1949. The events surrounding this exorcism, which was performed in St. Louis in 1949, formed the basis for the 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist, and the 1973 film of the same name, considered by many to be the most frightening motion picture of all time.

Social Networking and the SLU Libraries

We’re sharing up-to-the minute information about library news, events, collections, services, and even contests within the SLU Libraries. More importantly, we’re listening to what you have to say about the libraries and responding.

NEH Summer Institute Meets in Pius Library

The academic program of the Summer Institute offered new theoretical approaches to world history by setting up encounters between societies as a framework for understanding historical developments. Participants interacted with nine leading scholars who gave guest lectures, engaged in analysis of theoretical approaches and ...

Assessment Update

Universities are developing the next generation of faculty who look to libraries to provide all the resources for research. Academic libraries across the U.S. have been galvanized into using a variety of approaches to prove their value to their universities through student retention, learning, and success and through faculty teaching and research.

Medical Center Library Launches ClinicalKey

Clinicians served by the Medical Center Library expect online access both on and off campus to information for patient care that is timely, relevant, and accurate. To help fill that need, the Library recently licensed a new clinical information database called ClinicalKey that provides instant online access to more than 500 leading biomedical e-journals, over 1,000 e-books, plus thousands of procedural videos, practice guidelines, and patient education handouts.

Curtains Up on Jesuit Theater!

The Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections has recently acquired a collection of theater programs printed to accompany dramatic productions put on by Parisian boys’ schools, including the Jesuit Collège de Louis-le-Grand, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

40th Annual Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies

Held yearly since 1974, it is the longest running conference devoted exclusively to this subject in North America. Scholars from around the country, as well as from the UK and from Italy, gathered to discuss a variety of topics about manuscripts produced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Digital Collections

If you have not visited the library’s Digital Collections online recently, now is the time. Several new projects have been added to our ever growing collection. First, the SLU Historical Records has been updated to include five Prefect Diaries, ranging from the mid to late 19th century, detailing their daily activities and their observations at the University and an Accession Register showing the Library holdings from 1891-1894.

(please don’t) STEAL THIS POSTER! exhibition opens in the newly renovated second floor gallery

September twelfth marked a special date for the Archives and Manuscripts division of Special Collections, when it introduced a new exhibition of material from the University Archives, entitled (please don’t) STEAL THIS POSTER! The exhibition showcased prints produced by the Firecracker Press for SLU’s Billiken Club advertising musicians and bands that appeared in that venue.
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