American State Papers
Coverage Dates:1789 - 1838  
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Description:The American State Papers originating 1789-1838, were published in the second to third quarters of the 19th Century. This resource contains entries for 6,354 publications plus digital page images from "every publication from the print volumes issued between 1832 and 1861." Approximately two-thirds of the publications cover the first 14 Congresses (1789-1817), with the remaining third chronologically overlapping the Serial Set from 1817-1838. Includes historical events such as "Lewis and Clark's Expedition, Burr's Conspiracy and Arrest, and the Treaty of the Creek Indians. . . [in addition to] speeches and messages of Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, delivered between April 1789 and September 1814." (text from site 7/19/05) (GB)  
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