Issue: Spring 2015

Assessment Update – Spring 2015

The libraries website at has not been updated since 2010. When Deborah Cribbs, Technology Coordinator from Library Systems, began to redesign the website during 2014, the Pius/Medical Center Libraries Assessment Committee worked with Library Systems to help improve the website by conducting website usability studies. Deborah served as principal web developer and collaborated with the Assessment Committee on this assessment project. We recruited fifteen groups who met during October to complete nine tasks using the newly designed website. The committee consulted with all Pius and Medical Center library faculty and staff to develop the tasks/questions for the study. Users’ being able to complete tasks was most important. We wished the new website ( to be interactive and for users to be happy with their experiences in finding information. Deborah then used student, faculty, and staff comments to make improvements to the website before it launched in March 2015.

An additional new project for the Assessment Committee was developing a survey to assess user perceptions of the spaces in Special Collections and in Archives & Records Management. The committee developed a short survey that was distributed to 255 faculty, staff, students, and outside researchers who are known users. They completed the survey between February 9 and 20, 2015. Respondents were asked six questions about reading rooms, teaching spaces, exhibition areas and other facilities. They considered the noise level, layout, furniture, and equipment, as well as the spaces for research consultations, teaching, and exhibition and public programming. The information garnered from this survey will be used to help make a case for future plans to enhance the spaces in those units.

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