Issue: Spring 2015

New east enterance of Pius Library

Featured Digitized Photo

Saint Louis University Yearbook

One of many illustrations included in the 1915 Saint Louis University Yearbook, known as The Archive.

For more information on this photo, and many other historic images of SLU, visit the Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections or the Digital Collections site.

Distinguished Teaching Award

Medical Center Library Reference Librarian Gregg Clark Ph.D., M.L.I.S has been selected by students in the School of Medicine for a Distinguished Teaching Award in the Small Group Facilitation category for his work with the Cell and Molecular Biology course in the 2014-2015 academic year. Dr. Clark and his fellow recipients were recognized in a ceremony in the Margaret McCormick Doisy Learning Resources Center April 27. Congratulations, Gregg!

Current Exhibits

Curated by Benjamin Winter (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Research Assistant in the Vatican Film Library and doctoral student in the Department of Theological Studies of Saint Louis University), with Susan L’Engle
Vatican Film Library Reading Room, Pius XII Memorial Library 105, 2/13/2015–8/31/2015
Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm
Curated by Jennifer Lowe and Paul Lynch, PhD (Dept of English)
Rare Books Reading Room, Pius XII Memorial Library 307, 9/5/2014–7/31/2015
Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm


I would like to welcome you to the current edition of the University Libraries Newsletter! This has been a busy and exciting year. We continue to redefine ourselves in a digital age that allows us to significantly expand our services and mission that effectively and efficiently connects students and faculty with the information they seek. Your library faculty also provides expert instruction to students in the use of information that will improve retention and graduation rates.

End of Semester Blues – Your Faculty Liaison Librarian is Here to Help

If you do not know your department’s faculty liaison librarian or have not met with your faculty liaison librarian in a while, now is a perfect time to create new relationships and revisit old ones. What do faculty liaison librarians do? At Saint Louis University, the faculty liaison librarians at Pius XII Memorial Library and the Medical Center Library support and respond to the discipline specific information needs of students and faculty. While the role of faculty liaison librarians has remained relatively constant over the years, the services they offer have evolved with the changing technological, pedagogical, and research landscapes.

A Year of Discovery in the Vatican Film Library

I am a first year doctoral student in SLU’s Department of Theological Studies and for the past year have held a Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies Graduate Student Research Assistantship in the Vatican Film Library. Working in the Vatican Film Library (VFL) has been a tremendous learning experience. In the course of the year I have contributed to a digitization project, assisted with the journal Manuscripta, and learned the basics of manuscript studies and research techniques using primary sources. – Check it Out

New websites are intended to increase website satisfaction and to provide ease of use, while meeting current web design standards and user needs. The last time the websites for Pius XII Memorial Library and the Medical Center Library had been updated was Spring 2010; thus in December 2013, SLU Libraries began designing new websites for Pius Library, the Medical Center Library, and selected Web forms for the Madrid Library.

Adventures in Bibliography!

On the 1st of April, Saint Louis University Libraries Special Collections hosted a guest lecture on how to fake a rare book—or, rather, how one very famous rare book was faked. This was no April Fool’s joke. Nick Wilding, PhD, Associate Professor of Early Modern History at Georgia State University, works on the history of early modern science, and beginning in 2011 became involved in uncovering one of the most sophisticated and bizarre episodes in the history of forging cultural artifacts.

The Anatomy of a Display

In conjunction with the Saint Louis University and Washington University in Saint Louis co­sponsored conference “Vesalius and the Invention of the Modern Body,” the Medical Center Library was asked to plan a small display titled "Ars Anatomica: A Medical Fantasia by Leonard Baskin."

Assessment Update – Spring 2015

The libraries website at has not been updated since 2010. When Deborah Cribbs, Technology Coordinator from Library Systems, began to redesign the website during 2014, the Pius/Medical Center Libraries Assessment Committee worked with Library Systems to help improve the website by conducting website usability studies. An additional new project for the Assessment Committee was developing a survey to assess user perceptions of the spaces in Special Collections and in Archives & Records Management. The committee developed a short survey that was distributed to 255 faculty, staff, students, and outside researchers who are known users.

Vesalius and the Invention of the Modern Body

On February 26‐28, 2015, Saint Louis University and Washington University jointly hosted an interdisciplinary conference, Vesalius and the Invention of the Modern Body, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) and his landmark publication De humani corporis fabrica. Often considered to be the founder of the study of modern human anatomy, Vesalius has influenced generations of physicians, philosophers, artists, writers and researchers.

Saint Louis University Digitized Photo Collection

The largest and most popular part of the SLU Libraries Digital Collections is the Photo Collection. This collection shows over 16,000 images from the holdings of the University Archives, with more being added nearly every day.
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